Healthy minds start with healthy guts

A weight neutral approach to nourishing your body and mind without shame


Melanee Dahl, MS, CNS, LDN

I am an integrative clinical nutritionist. I believe that our bodies already know how to be healthy; nutrition therapy simply enhances the right elements that your unique physiology needs.

Together we can discuss your individual symptoms, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional, and draw a unique, sustainable plan that will support your long term well-being using foods that your body already loves and craves. This is your health journey, and I would be honored to support you through it.

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The IFN Difference

We are all beautifully unique. "One size fits all” approaches to wellness do not work. The only one who knows what health feels like in your body and mind is you.


Nutrition advice sometimes feels contradictory and overwhelming. It leaves us feeling restricted and worthless when we can't conform. I believe in using evidence based science to create a unique plan that takes into account your history and will be a good fit for your future.


Many bodies are depleted of vital nutrients. The world we live in takes its toll on our physical and mental health. I seek to help you identify imbalances and correct them; thus allowing the body to restore itself and move back toward homeostasis.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to repair and to return to health when given the proper ingredients (nutrients, exercise, sleep, relaxation). Your body has innate intelligence. Using a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach and an intuitive eating philosophy, I can guide you to a place where you feel good, find relief from pain and live in peace with your body and your food.


Melanee is my "go to gal" for all things nutrition. Her knowledge in the field is substantial and she has given me suggestions and tools that are both evidence-based and practical. Her knowledge in this field has helped me live a more well-balanced, healthy life. Thank you, Melanee!

— Emily Bailey