Healthy minds start with healthy guts.

Your body and mind were created to thrive! If that seems far from your current reality, Integrative Functional Nutrition (IFN) empowers you to take control of your health. You deserve vibrant health in mind and body.


Melanee Dahl, MS

I am an integrative clinical nutritionist. Through nutrition therapy we can optimize your mental and physical health. I view the body as an integrated whole that must be looked at in its entirety to find and correct nutrient deficits that create unwanted symptoms. I use evidence based science that takes into account your biochemistry (found in lab work), your health history, and your relationship to food to create a personalized nutrition plan specific to your wants and needs. Your body already knows how to be healthy; nutrition therapy simply enhances the right elements that your unique physiology needs.

The IFN Difference

We are all beautifully unique on the inside and the outside…all the way down to our biochemistry. That is why “one size fits all” approaches to wellness do not work. The only one who knows what health feels like in your body and mind is you.


Nutrition science has exploded over the past few years. IFN is unique to other nutrition programs in that we use evidence based science in everything we do. Research shows our bodies are depleted of vital nutrients in our toxic world. How that plays out in your body is unique to your biochemistry and genes. Functional nutrition seeks to find imbalances and correct them; thus allowing the body to restore and move back toward homeostasis.


The beauty of our bodies is they have been designed to repair and return to health when given the proper ingredients (nutrients, exercise, sleep, relaxation). Your body has innate intelligence. We will work together to reconnect to your body’s natural wisdom. Each client’s journey is unique to them and their needs. Our job together is to discover what exactly your individual body needs for optimal functioning, and then to supply the needed nutrients.


Melanee is my "go to gal" for all things nutrition. Her knowledge in the field is substantial and she has given me suggestions and tools that are both evidence-based and practical. Her knowledge in this field has helped me live a more well-balanced, healthy life. Thank you, Melanee!

— Emily Bailey